Organic Lebanese Hash by 1964

Lebanese Hash

Organic Lebanese Hash

Lebanese Hash is a TOP Quality and a smooth burning and amazing an earthy scent mixed with notes of fires and ash. Comes in a 2 gram format ball, hitting a higher then normal THC content 46%. 1964 does a fantastic job reinventing a Lebanese style hash. AAAA product for sure.

How is It Made?

This Organic flower blend goes through a dry sift process and is pressed into malleable amber-coloured Lebanese style hashish ball filled with terpenes oozing earthy and gas aromas.

Product Flavour and Quality

Classic and clean and a true expression of classic Lebanese Hash. Uncomplicated, just really, really good. This is a dark sticky hash that is made using a proprietary blend created in house. This is the classic hash lovers and experienced consumers perfect storm. Rich in flavour, and offering a great texture, our goal of offering you the best product for the best price! The hash lovers hash.



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