A Jamaican Steam Chalice: A Traditional Vaporizer Made from Natural Products-2023 Grassroots

Jamaican Steam Chalice:

A Jamaican Steam Chalice: A Traditional Vaporizer Made from Natural Products

The Jamaican Steam Chalice is a traditional vaporizer that is made from natural products. Unlike other vaporizers that use a heating element, the steam chalice uses charcoal to heat the marijuana. This gives the vaporizer a unique taste and experience that is hard to replicate with other methods.


The steam chalice looks like a pipe, with a coconut attached to a bamboo stem. The coconut is used as the bowl to hold the marijuana, while the bamboo stem is used for inhalation. Rastafarians are known to be the most common users of the steam chalice, and it has become a symbol of their culture and beliefs.

Flavor Vaporizer?

One of the benefits of using a steam chalice is the natural taste that it gives to the marijuana. The charcoal used to heat the marijuana adds a unique flavor that is not found in other vaporizers. Additionally, the natural materials used to make the steam chalice make it a more eco-friendly option compared to other vaporizers.

Another benefit of the steam chalice is that it is easy to use. Simply place the marijuana in the clay bowl on the coconut and light the charcoal. Once the charcoal is hot, the marijuana will start to vaporize and can be inhaled through the bamboo stem.

Overall, the Jamaican Steam Chalice is a traditional and unique vaporizer that offers a natural taste and experience. It is an eco-friendly alternative to other vaporizers and is easy to use. Whether you are a Rastafarian or not, the steam chalice is worth trying for a unique vaporizing experience.

How to use a Steam Chalice?

If it is the first time you are using a steam chalice, it can be a little difficult to handle than the modern-day vaporizer. However, once you do it more than two times, you will be fine.

Step 1
When using the steam chalice, you should pour water into the half coconut.

Step 2
Then, put dried weed leaves into the bowl. The herb should be covered from the charcoal with a clay grate. Combustion is prevented this way, and so this method is better than smoking.

Step 3
The user should then place some of the heated charcoal on the top of the grate and inhale the smoke through the bamboo stem.

Step 4

The heated water should vaporize the resin on the dried marijuana and so causes the hit of terpenes and cannabinoids through the chamber and into your lungs.

Most Jamaicans have a love for ganja(marijuana). A Jamaican steam chalice is a marijuana vaporizer that allows for the clean, terpene-rich vapor. The smoking of marijuana using the steam chalice is a ceremonial ritual for Rastafarians in Jamaica. It is apart of their Ital lifestyle, so much that the ganja is recognized as a symbol of Rastafarian like the locks.

There are more profound innovations than the steam chalice like vaporizers that can change temperature easy and some vaporizers that have torches that can heat up dab nails. Despite these innovative means of enjoying marijuana, some users like Rastafarians still rely on the original chalice to give them the “high” they need.

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