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Shaking it up! Jean Guy Strain by Good Supply-3.5g

Jean Guy by Good Supply at

Jean Guy Strain by Good Supply

Jean Guy Strain is limonene-rich terpene profile gives it its signature citrusy taste. The very green sativa-dominant strain is greenhouse-grown in a natural and ecologically friendly environment, and has very strong THC potency. It’s available in many sizes and pre rolls at Grass Roots Cannabis Store Windsor Ontario. We always have stock in 1 oz or 3.5g come downtown Windsor and check us out.

Sativa Dominant

A species of cannabis that originates from South America, the Caribbean and Africa. The plants are normally taller and more slender than Cannabis indica


Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, Terpinolene, Myrcene

Strain Effects

The Jean Guy Strain is known to be a phenotype of the White Widow Strain. This White Widow strain is actually a hybrid itself, which originates from Canada. It has a sour citrus smell and has great and strong effects on the brain.

The White Widow Strain is known as a sativa-dominant hybrid, which it also passes down to the Jean Guy Strain. The dark green leaves of the Jean Guy Strain are frosted and they hid pastel buds under them that are just brimming with golden crystals very popularly known as trichrome.

The basic flavor of the Jean Guy strain has a lemon and piney taste that makes you feel uplifted and tingles your taste buds. The strain makes you feel energetic and uplifted, which is why it is best to start an active day with this strain. It helps to get rid of disorders such as fibromyalgia and provides relief from many cancer symptoms.

The Jean Guy comes in three flavors: Citrus, Earthy and sweet flavors. This offers a variety of flavors to the people who have to make use of this particular strain. This Strain also helps you with headaches and nausea.

Jean Guy Strain History

Jean Guy is a strain that was bred in Quebec, Canada. That should explain the reason why it has a French name. This is a wonderful strain that can lift your spirit and lets you soar high with euphoria and happiness. It also has a high THC of up to 25%, which means its sedative properties are potent too in that it gives you a physical body high. This is also a strain that is highly popular

Jean Guy Strain Lineage

House of the Green Gardener developed this strain in Quebec, Canada, but it is unknown what the parent strains are. Rumor suggests Jean Guy is a phenotype of White Widow. The strain is very popular throughout Quebec and Montreal. Jean Guy can reach up to 25% THC content. This mysterious strain may very well become on of your favorites.

Jean Guy Strain Review

GrassRootsWindsor Review 4.5 stars

Highly popular strain Jean Guy is A top seller at Grassroots with a older generation, smooth smoke with white ash and a great sativa head buzz, high energy, lets get it down feel!



Today I will be trying some Good Supply Jean Guy at 19.34% .This strain is said to be a white widow phenotype. It is Sativa dominate strain and was packaged June 10 2020.

Weight/Scaled Product

Continued on to weigh the product and when I put in on scale it came up to 3.39 grams. Unfortunately, this is very dissatisfying I have had undercounts before but a total of .11 grams of a undercount I can’t find it acceptable.

Especially when I am paying for 3.5 in most cases I wouldn’t complain if I missed about .11 in bigger quantity like 7 grams or half or full ounce but 3.5 this is definitely not nice to see.


When I first open the mason jar the first aromas, I smell right away this musky aroma of wood not prominent but definitely there must be Mycrene and Caryophyllene terpenes I smell.

Also found hint of pine/floral coming through not as strong but I believed it to be Terpinolene terpene coming through cause I usually mistaken this for Pinene but also makes me believe floral i smell with pine also is a bit of linalool terpenes coming through.

As I continued to smell and of course the next smell is a sour citrusy note which i always enjoy definitely the Limonene terpene coming though really nice aroma was quite surprised the smell coming off it.

I’ve heard in past from friends wasn’t much aroma and smelled like hay which i could agree on previous time I tried this definitely not getting that in this batch.


The nugs appearance is nice but it’s definitely leaning on the overly dried side being an aphria product I’m not too surprised, but after in mason I found a little sponginess not a lot but enough the nugs aren’t brittle or anything.

I wouldn’t say it covered or frosted with trichomes more like sprinkled a bit here and there compared to other nugs I have had in past.

Overall, my complaints here and the product being to dry obviously and the non-appearance much of trichomes on the buds.


The trim based on my batch is decent probably just hair away from being mangled buds but are decent side nugs with little shake. Overall trim I wish was average barring its hair to being average trim, but my problem lies with drying of product not the trim as much.


Proceeded to take a vape at 415°F hit and I can honestly say i taste alot of earthy tones with little floral/herbal.

Honestly really hard to pick up on any citrus but at the ending notes of vape I did taste a hint of sour citrus not enough to notice it at first or even second.

The taste definitely changed abit from last I purchased expected little more citrus taste though because the aroma of citrus I smelled previously.

The High/Experience

The high started to approach 7 mins in right away, nice energizing, happy high I get. Definitely not crazy potent but its noticeable theirs little euphoric effects to add Definitely a nice sativa and acts like one very much better than my last experience from good supply jean guy . Builds up a litte bit after as time passes then settles very smoothly nice enjoyable high.


My recommendation for low tolerance and new user is it’s not crazy potent but it still hits and definitely I would recommend start slowing this strain I would consider mood helper.

Definitely a daytime smoke but I would start slow effects can come rather quickly and if you have issues with high thc products i recommend throwing little cbd in to calm off any paranoia effect it might bring otherwise really nice stuff.

My recommendation for high tolerance and longtime users this isnt crazy stuff like I said before but along same lines it is good day smoke or even better wake and bake and doesn’t couch lock or leave you sedated.

This is good if you’re having off day and you need something to chirp you up abit mood wise really nice to help you get through a day strain not as potent as other strains out there so might need few hits to feel the effects.

Final Conclusion

Overall, I would rate this nice 7/10 this decent smoke for a decent price as their name would put it a Good Supply.

I wouldn’t call them great or amazing but if you just smoke in bulk, they are worth considering.

Also, something to consider is they have had stronger batches I believe so not sure if there is bigger potency jump in high between them but i see why I would consider this aphria’s bargain brand compared to Broken Coast, Riff and Solei they also owned.

Definitely Aprhia has a good supply on their hand abit .


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