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Marijuana For Anxiety?

There is a plethora of new information that continues to pour in about Cannabis, CBD, and their multiple health benefits. More and more people are beginning to use Cannabis specifically for medical use purposes. This has people asking a lot of questions in regards to how it can benefit them, if at all.  Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues plaguing Canadians today!

What is Cannabis Exactly?

Cannabis, or more commonly referred to as “marijuana”, is a part of the naturally growing plant, “Cannabis Sativa”. It consists of compounds known as “Cannabinoids”. These cannabinoids work together with the cannabinoid receptors found inside the human brain that are a part of the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system plays a major role in many processes throughout the body, including pain perception, memory, appetite, anxeity (or lack there of), and overall mood of an individual.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the compound found within the plant that gives it’s users the “high” effect. CBD or Cannabidiol is the compound that is prescribed for anxiety because it appears to give it’s user relief from some ailments without the high effect.

False History

Since it was outlawed in 1937, numerous false rumors surrounding marijuana have circulated and most of which have since been debunked. Marijuana has had no cases of users being stricken with psychosis or death. And while some may still argue the theory that it is somehow a “gateway” drug, there is no real proof of this to be true. While marijuana itself has no actual addictive properties, predisposed individuals may be susceptible to becoming addicted if they are heavy and frequent users of the drug.

A study done frequent medical marijuana users showed a huge decrease in overall chronic pain, which caused the levels of opiate use to drop dramatically. This can mean great things on the war against opiate drug addiction because as we know, the leading cause of drug related deaths are opiate related.

What are the Syptoms of Anxiety

  • Feeling restless, wound-up, or on-edge.
  • Being easily fatigued.
  • Having difficulty concentrating.
  • Being irritable.
  • Having headaches, muscle aches, stomachaches, or unexplained pains.
  • Difficulty controlling feelings of worry.
  • Having sleep problems, such as difficulty falling or staying asleep.

medical marijuana for anxiety

What does any of this mean for Cannabis though? Research has shown that THC may actually Reduce anxiety in some users, while others report that it greatly reduces their anxiety. If you’re interested in finding an all-natural solution to your anxiety related symptoms, but are unsure about using THC, CBD may be your best bet.

Some individuals who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder of Chronic Pain have reported significant drops in anxiety levels when using Marijuana medically. Research is beginning to show that short-term positive effects of using marijuana to treat these symptoms, as well as anxiety, do exist. It is important to keep in mind, however, that just because something works for one person, does not necessarily mean that it will work for another.

Medical Use

Because the medical use of cannabis is still so fresh and new, a lot of people have an issue using the plant, and still maintaining a job that is okay with their use of it. If this applies to you, there are CBD products that are made especially for this issue. CBD Isolate Products are made from pure CBD and contain little to no traceable amounts of THC. Many CBD users are entranced with CBD and state that they chose it over marijuana because they felt significant relief from anxiety, did not get high, and did not have to worry about any THC in their system.



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