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Root Beer Float by Bold Growth Cannabis- GRASSROOTS-3.5G HIGH THC WEED-30%

Root beer float bold growth grass roots


Roots beer FLOAT BY BOLD puts quality, consistency and integrity above all else.

Root Beer Float CANNABIS

Root Beer Float is a rare indica dominant strain created through crossing XXX OG and Vanilla Kush. Enter into a sweet hazy, earthy bliss with hints of lemon and pine aroma. Enjoy the classic Root Beer flavour combined with frothy vanilla notes.


Fluffy forest green buds with creamy vanilla trichomes accented with rich amber pistils


Sweet with light herbal notes, earthy with overtones of citrus and a hint of pine


THC: 26-32% CBD: <1%


Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool

3.5g Dried Flower & 3 x 0.5g Pre-Rolls

GrassRoots Customers review

GR Reveiw : An all around fabulous strain, tastes like sweet vanilla, covered in the thickest coating of trichomes I have ever seen and ultimately provides a euphoric and uplifting punch to the face kind of high that evolves into an electric body buzz that is both happy and Stoney in the mind and very very melted relaxation in the body- Very potent and powerful and truly one of the best strains I have ever come across.

This is a very tasty strain. I never really smoked until I got a medical card. It blows my mind that this can taste just like a root beer float. I have migraines and anxiety and RBF helps me relax and go to bed. It occasionally makes me hungry. do yourself a favor and try this strain; especially for migraine pain and associated issues or to relax and get some rest.

Wow this is definitely for those looking for something new, what a nice slow hitting indica. Starts off very slow and builds up leaving you relaxed and definitely feeling good. Perfect night-time strain for those wanting to relax after a long day at work.

This bud smelled amazing! You could definitely detect the smell of root beer. It reminded me of sassafras tea with some vanilla, behind the more dominant earthy and slightly herbaceous scents that is.