Is Fresh Grind by Thumbs Up really fresh-14G

Fresh Grind Cannabis, GrassRoots Cannabis

Fresh Grind by Thumbs Up Brand contains some amazing milled whole bud genetics re-designed for on the go. This easy-to-use shred was intended to make toking on the go easy breezy. Spice Rack delivers a power bouquet of pine, pepper, lemon and gas flavours & aromas. Based on the amazing flower input, you can expect a roller-coaster of experiences as the flavours, strains, and cannabinoid profiles all roll into one perfect session. This bud is sustainably packaged in 30% post-consumer recycled packaging and includes a humidity pack for freshness. Thumbs Up Brand donates 10% of profits to Cannabis Amnesty and Plastic Bank.


A combination of milled whole flower that you can roll on the go. Spice Rack is a mashup of pine, pepper, lemon and gas flavours.