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Ignite Live Resin- Sweet Treat-1g

Caviar Gelato x G13 Live Resin

Live Resin by Dymond Concentrates

Live Resin Caviar is an award-winning, potent indica-dominant extract crafted with incredible precision. It embraces a sweet, citrus & gassy aroma that’s smooth on the exhale. An indica that’s sure to please the senses and deliver feelings of relaxation. Our Caviar is a mixture of THCA Diamonds and terp sauce that creates a flavour experience with every puff.

Dymond Concentrates Indica Live Resin Caviar offers heavy-hitting relaxation after a productive day. High in thc and terps, a flavourful way to relax and chill the body and mind.

Dymond Concentrates 2.0

An indica-dominant single-strain live resin caviar that boass a taste of sweet sherbet and fruit. Fresh cannabis is extracted using a state-of-the-art hydrocarbon extractor to ensure the full spectrum of the flowers are captured. The cannabis is processed at -45 F to provide the highest quality extract. This lengthy process results in THCA Diamonds swimming in pools of terpenes that deliver a wide range of fragrant and aromatically diverse profiles. Soil to oil means we are committed to providing consistent and natural flavours\

What is Live Resin???

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate. The main difference of this concentrated live resin is that it’s made using fresh cannabis flowers instead of buds that have been dried and cured. This makes for a concentrate with a higher concentration of terpenes and more complex aromas/flavours.

How Do You Smoke Live Resin???

Dabbing is by far the most popular way to consume concentrates like Live Resin. In order to enjoy a nice dab, you need the right kit. Naturally, you need a dabbing rig, blow-torch lighter and a dabbing nail. Essentially, the cannabis concentrate is vaporised on contact with the high temp surface.

Cannabis concentrates, like shatter/wax and honeycomb derived from BHO, and Rosin are probably the hottest extracts to dab right now. Definitely for those with a high tolerance as a dab hit is a tremendously powerful instant hit. Dabbing is something of an acquired taste.

The vaporiser pen is the latest must-have stoner accessory. Vaporizing concentrates is not only the most efficient method of consumption but also the most convenient. Dabbing is crude but effective, while vaporising is slick and sophisticated.

Dabbing, What is That?

Dabs are concentrated live resin forms of cannabis that come in a variety of textures. They are consumed in a dab rig, e-rig—”electronic rig”—or dab pen. The process of dabbing is extremely hot, and flash vaporizes dabs in the range of 400-600°F, whereas combusting or smoking flower happens at around 350°F.

A typical dab rig looks similar to a bong—it is a glass piece with a chamber for water, except instead of a bowl for flower, a rig has a nail for dabs. Because of the high temperatures needed to dab, the nail is usually heated with a torch and allowed to cool to the right temperature before dropping in a dab.

Dabs are named for their texture, and their texture is indicative of the process used to create them. There are numerous extraction methods to create a myriad of different dabs

Benifits of live Resin Extraction

The Health Benefits of Live Resin Many people use cannabis for medicinal purposes, particularly for conditions such as chronic pain and nausea. High level concentrates such as live resin can help alleviate a range of symptoms and terpenes might actually deliver more health benefits than simply great aroma and taste, at least according to some research.

Difference between live resin and rosin

  • Live resin is extracted with chemical solvents to produce a potent, amber-colored concentrate that packs a punch on terpenes and flavonoids.
  • Live rosin is extracted in a solventless or chemical-free manner and therefore may appeal to those who want to avoid the possibility of chemicals in their concentrate. However, because of this slightly lengthier process, prices tend to be a little higher for live rosin.

Both concentrates have a high cannabinoid content and provide powerful and distinct experiences. Because of their high potency, it is best to start low and go slow with consumption. Regardless of the product, a little goes a long way with cannabis concentrates. Compared to other concentrates made from dried and cured cannabis plant material, both live resin and live rosin are intended to provide unique, flavorful, and aromatic experiences.

GrassRoots Cannabis Store:

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