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Dirty Banana by Eastcann-3.5g

Dirty Banana 3.5g

Dirty Banana by Eastcann

Dirty Banana smells a bit like kiwi, which gives banana-adjacent in taste. That extra fruitiness is evidence of a luscious stash of terpenes and flavonoids. The aroma is really rather intoxicating — pleasantly tart and honey sweet.

Remarkably, that banana flavour follows through into the smoke, amidst the citrusy terpenes and something reminiscent of chocolate. The bud is densely packed and each petal is crystal-covered, giving them a notably pale appearance, though they are rather lightly hued by themselves.

Dirty Banana Dirty Banana by EastCann


The Dried Flower is a high THC Indica-Dominant Hybrid of
Banana OG X Kush Mints 11.

Flavors and taste buds

This premium craft flower has a sweet kiwi scent with an earthy, creamy
banana taste. The aroma is tart with notes of honey. The buds
are dense with beautiful frosty trichomes.

How is the Processing done

EastCann flower is produced by 100% craft practices: Hang-dried,
Hand-Trimmed, Slow-Cured, and Hand-Weighed / Hand-Packaged.
EastCann dried flower is packaged in nitrogen-purged, foodgrade recyclable cans.

How Does it stay so fresh

This type of packaging utilizes a purge of liquid nitrogen and hermetic seal to maintain freshness and preserve the dried flower quality and terpene profile.

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East Cann is legit— a few of the people from Truro are running this operation. Top people from the the legacy era

This indica leaning hybrid is definitely a game changer for myself.

Dirty Banana is a cross of Banana OG and Kush Mints 11, packaged April 18th. I rolled a joint and smoked it in my bong… it’s a bit harsh, but, the high is incredible. It felt Sativa leaning in the beginning; everything felt very euphoric and the high was very cerebral. It was definitely a sensory experience and a half. My ears rang (but, not in a bad way hahah), my eyes were peeled onto the TV, movies felt almost 3D like, and of course, food tasted amazing lol. I remember thinking, “I can only get to a certain level of high. And this tops it.” I was truly impressed with how high I got. After about 20-30 minutes, the body high kicked in and felt like a true indica couch lock. But it was definitely a head high in the beginning! Despite the slight harshness, this stuff absolutely slaps.