Grapey Grape by General Admission 3x.5g-38%

Grapey Grape

 The Grapest Experience You’ve Been Waiting For

 Meet Grapey Grape, the indica-infused pre-roll that’s about to redefine your grape expectations. It’s so grapey that you might wonder, “How many times can you say grape before the word loses all meaning?” Well, we’re about to find out! 

The General Admission Experience

From the moment you lay eyes on Grapey Grape, you know you’re in for something extraordinary. The packaging itself screams grape, but you knew that, right? This isn’t your ordinary pre-roll; it’s a grape extravaganza waiting to unfold.

Grape So Grapey

Grapey Grape doesn’t just flirt with the grape flavor; it dives headfirst into it. With a THC content ranging from 32% to 38%, this pre-roll promises an experience that’s grape so grapey it defies description. Each puff is a journey through grapevine-covered hills, an explosion of grape flavor that will make your taste buds dance with delight.

Grape Overload

But how many times can you say “grape” before it loses all meaning? We’re pushing the limits of grape vocabulary. It’s not just grape; it’s GRAPE. It’s grape to the power of grape. It’s the grapest grape you’ve ever tasted.

Available In

GG comes in a convenient 3 x 0.5g package, ensuring you have enough grapey goodness to last you through your grape adventures. Whether you’re sharing it with friends or savoring it all to yourself, GG is here to make every moment a grapey one.

Embrace the General Admission GG

In a world filled with countless strains and flavors It’s unapologetically grape, and it’s proud of it. So, if you’re ready to take your taste buds on a grape-filled journey, don’t wait any longer. Embrace the grapey goodness of GG, and let your senses revel in the grape experience you’ve been waiting for.

Grapey Grape is more than just a pre-roll; it’s a grape-infused masterpiece. It’s grapey, it’s bold, and it’s here to redefine what you thought you knew about grape-flavored cannabis products. Get ready to indulge in the GG you’ve ever tasted, and savor every moment of the grape adventure.

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