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Jet Fuel Gelato 3.5G, 28G

Jet fuel gelato br pure sunfarms hybrid dried flower

The Ultimate High-THC Hybrid

Discover Jet Fuel Gelato, a potent hybrid born in the Pacific Northwest. With its dense sage green buds and citrus-pepper aroma, this strain is a top choice for cannabis enthusiasts. Grassroots always stocks Jet Fuel Gelato, offering 3.5g and 28g options at affordable prices.

Born in the Pacific Northwest

This is cross between Gelato 45 and High Octane OG x  G6, resulting in a high-THC hybrid with dairy and diesel-driven flavors. Its frosty trichomes and sage green buds with hints of purple and coral make it visually striking.

Effects and Medical Benefits

Customers report feeling aroused, focused, and uplifted after  Medical users often choose it for depression, stress, and anxiety. Its high THC content makes it suitable for experienced users seeking potent effects.

Grassroots Customer Reviews

Customers at Grassroots love Jet Fuel Gelato. Budtender Benny M. describes it as beginner-friendly and great value. The strain has received 4 stars for its quality and affordability.

Where to Find

<p>Jet Fuel Gel

ato is available at Grassroots Cannabis Store. Check out their online store for pricing and availability. Experience the ultimate strain with Pure Sunfarms.


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Jet fuel Gelato


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