Amazing value Jeffrey by Choice Growers-26-34%

Jeffrey growers choice

Jeffrey by Choice Growers

In a premium pre-roll, Jeffrey has created a unique combination of our greatest strains. It is a tasty hybrid with rich terpene profiles and potent cannabinoids for the discerning customer.


Each entirely farmed indoors product is handcrafted from precisely produced batches of whole flower that are gently milled and rolled to stringent standards for the finest possible consumer experience. Terpenes that are well-known include beta-caryophyllene, alpha-caryophyllene, and alpha-bisabol.


A cannabis plant that is a genetic cross between two or more strains. A lot of cannabis consumed today is hybrid.

The hard hitting, premium blended pre-roll offering a whopping 25%-30% THC content. Come get a Pre-roll today only! $5 everyday at Grassroots.

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This Pre-roll seems to be a staple in the shop, basically a go to for quality and potency.

Korey Lemire says “5 stars to  .5g pre-roll its the best value joint at any dispensary”

Budtender Lucia “most popular half gram joint”

💨 High: heady, cerebral, slight body high 7/10

💨 Taste: pine, cedar, resin 8/10

💨 Burns: white/off white, even burn, pleasant smoke, nicely rolled, smooth 8/10

💨 Value: purchased in ON $5 CAD for 1 pack 0.5g joints 7/10

💨 THC: Apparently this is at 34%, but doesn’t hit as hard as expected. Found myself wanting to smoke a fat joint to get the full effects. strain highthc full flower preroll, Reminiscent of Powdered Donuts or King Tut strains. 7/10

💨 Overall, really nice product for the value. Enjoyed the convenience of a high thc joint ready to go. Was a little disappointed in the strength, but still got a nice buzz. At 34%, I expect to be knocked off my ass… but maybe a result of my own high expectations.

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