Jeffrey by Choice Growers-26-34%

Jeffrey growers choice

A Premium Pre-Roll Experience

Experience the unique combination of Choice Growers’ greatest strains with Jeffrey, a premium pre-roll. This tasty hybrid boasts rich terpene profiles and potent cannabinoids, perfect for the discerning customer.

Crafted with Care

Each Jeffrey pre-roll is handcrafted from indoor-farmed whole flower, carefully milled and rolled to stringent standards. The result is a finely crafted product that ensures the finest consumer experience. Notable terpenes include beta-caryophyllene, alpha-caryophyllene, and alpha-bisabolol.

Hybrid Excellence

Jeffrey is a hybrid cannabis strain, a genetic cross between two or more strains. This hybrid nature ensures a balanced and enjoyable experience, making it a popular choice among cannabis consumers.

Premium Quality and Potency

Jeffrey offers a hard-hitting experience with a whopping 25%-30% THC content. This premium blend is known for its quality and potency, making it a staple in many shops. At Grassroots, you can get a Jeffrey pre-roll for just $5 every day.

High-Quality Experience

Jeffrey delivers a heady, cerebral high with a slight body high, scoring 7/10. The taste is described as piney, cedar-like, and resinous, scoring 8/10. It burns evenly with a white/off-white ash, providing a pleasant smoke experience, and is nicely rolled and smooth, scoring 8/10.

Final Thoughts

Choice Growers offers a really nice product for the value. While some users may find the THC content slightly lower than expected, it still provides a nice buzz. With its convenience and high THC content, Jeffrey is a great choice for those looking for a premium pre-roll experience.