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Exclusive Top 5 Smoke Spots Adventure in Windsor Ontario

Top 5

The top 5 smoke spots in Windsor

First off, I’d love for everyone reading this to visit Grassroots Cannabis Store, but it’s all good… Soooooo some of my favourite smoke spots are:

1. Windsor Parking garage #2

top level of the parking garage next to the farmers market this garge has the best view and is my go-too Spot in the summer.  I love smoking a Fat joint like Presidente Hash Infused by LOBO and I bring a couple of sheets of paper for a long-distance paper airplane contest with my bff.

2. Under the Ambassador Bridge

Just off Riverside Drive. There’s like this outdoor public place walkout which is great to bring a fishing rod and a vape pen preferably Peach Dream by Versus 

Riverfront (

3. Ojibway Park

Get your walk on in the woods with a small glass pipe and a bag of funk master by Shred, do some bird watching….youtube has all the bird calls you can fuck with nature a bit.  Ojibway Nature Centre and Ojibway Park, Windsor, Ontario, Canada


4. Graffiti Alley Scooter Tour

in Downtown Windsor. Blazing heavy (Space Cake by Color Cannabis) and renting a scooter (bird) and checking out all the street art its is amazing way to spend the afternoon. Windsor Graffiti Scooter Tour (

5. Willistead manor (outdoor public places)

Smoke spot 5 at night usually after the bar we’d hit it up for a late-night session before heading home. (Rotterdam Indica 28g)

Willistead Manor (