Cocoa Bomba by Spinach – 3.5g

Discover the Rich and Velvety Cocoa Bomba Strain by Spinach™ at Grassroots Cannabis Store in Downtown Windsor and Upcoming Location on Tecumseh Rd East, Ontario, Canada

Attention cannabis enthusiasts in Downtown Windsor, Ontario, Canada! Cocoa Bomba Strain is at Grassroots Cannabis Store is excited to introduce the exclusive Spinach™ Cocoa Bomba strain, a treat like none other. With its rich, velvety chocolate aromas and unique terpenes, this cultivar combines the best of Do-si-Dos and Lava Cake to deliver a satisfying experience for your sweet tooth. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at this delectable strain, its potency, and the upcoming store opening on Tecumseh Rd East.

cocoa bomba strain

 The Indulgent Cocoa Bomba Strain A Chocolate Lover’s Dream

Spinach™ Cocoa Bomba is a creation that cannabis enthusiasts with a penchant for rich aromas and indulgent flavors will adore. The blend of Lava Cake and Do-si-Dos genetics results in velvety chocolate aromas that might rival your favorite bakery’s creations, leaving you in a state of pure bliss.

cocoa bomba strain

Frosty Trichomes and Unique Terpenes

This exclusive cultivar is caked in frosted trichomes, a sign of its potency and quality. The presence of unique terpenes enhances the overall aroma and flavor profile, setting Cocoa Bomba apart from other strains in the market.

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Exploring Cocoa Bomba’s Potency

Spinach™ Cocoa Bomba offers 3.5 grams of premium cannabis at a competitive price of $22.13. With a THC content of 28.0%, this potent hybrid is sure to deliver a robust and enjoyable experience.

 The Experience

Upon consumption, Cocoa Bomba’s effects are quick to take hold. A buzzing euphoria uplifts the mind, followed by a heavy drop that initiates a tranquilizing spin cycle. As the journey continues, users are enveloped in an intense mindlock and body relaxation, ultimately reaching a state of blissful Nirvana.

Enduring Potency

Cocoa Bomba’s potency remains robust for a solid two hours, making it an ideal choice for evening or late-day consumption. As a strain leaning more towards its Indica heritage, it pairs wonderfully with a cozy couch session, allowing you to unwind and embrace the tranquility it provides.

Grassroots Cannabis Store: Your Destination for Spinach™ Cocoa Bomba

At Grassroots Cannabis Store, we are proud to offer Spinach™ Cocoa Bomba, a potent hybrid with a strong Indica influence. Our commitment to delivering top-quality cannabis products ensures that you receive the best possible experience with every purchase.

Downtown Windsor Location

If you find yourself in Downtown Windsor, make sure to visit our location at 398 University West, where you can explore the world of Spinach™ Cocoa Bomba and a wide selection of other premium strains and cannabis products.

Upcoming Location on Tecumseh Rd East

Exciting news awaits our customers on Tecumseh Rd East, as we gear up for the grand opening of our new store at 5124 Tecumseh Rd East. Stay tuned for more updates and be among the first to experience the convenience of our second location.


In conclusion, Spinach™ Cocoa Bomba (Lava Cake x Dos-Si-Dos) by Spinach (Cronos) is a standout strain that promises a delightful cannabis experience. Its rich chocolate aromas, frosty trichomes, and unique terpenes make it a treat for the senses. With Grassroots Cannabis Store’s commitment to quality and upcoming location on Tecumseh Rd East, cannabis enthusiasts in Downtown Windsor and beyond have every reason to be excited about this exclusive cultivar.

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