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You Can Save Money With Monkey Glue By Good Supply-3.5G


Monkey Glue

Get stuck with Monkey Glue. These chunky, resin-covered buds deliver pungent, earthy and sour aromas. There’s no monkeying around when it comes to this potent, sativa-dominant strain – you’ll definitely develop a bond.

Monkey Glue Strain

A cannabis plant that is a genetic cross between two or more strains. A lot of cannabis consumed today is hybrid.\

monkey glue strain review

I tried out some that’s Grown by  Good Supply.  The name is pretty cool; outside of that, the whole experience was somewhat below average for me. This  hybrid  strain has anywhere between 18% and 22% THC  and an insignificant amount of CBD; this batch specifically came in at 20 .41% THC. It’s interesting because, based on consumer reviews, it seems like people actually really enjoyed this.


Grass Roots Carrys the 3.5g and sometimes the 7x.5g… its hard to find.


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