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Starwalker kush by Good Supply-3.5g

Starwalker Kush Good Supply

Starwalker kush Looking to recline on cloud nine? Reach for the sky with Skywalker Kush. Upside down, right side up – you won’t care when these spicy diesel notes hit you. Available @grassrootswindsor

Starwalker kush

Indica Dominant

A species of cannabis that originates from the Hindu Kush mountain range within Afghanistan and Pakistan. The plants are normally bushier than Cannabis sativa.

Starwalker is always on our Mix and match in store we have a massive selection of flower by Good Supply by tilray.

StarWalker Kush Strain/Info

Skywalker Kush, also known as “Skywalker OG Kush,” is an indica dominant hybrid (85% indica/15% sativa) strain created through crossing the powerful OG Kush X Skywalker strains. If you’re a fan of the Star Wars family, you need to get your hands on this bud.

Starwalker Kush Effects

With heavy indica effects and a powerful 18-25% average THC level, Skywalker Kush is perfect for any heavy-duty indica lover. The high creeps up on you slowly with a calming sense of deep relaxation and well being that permeates your entire body. Starwalker kush indica is flavorful with these spicy diesel notes.

Starwalker Kush lineage

Raider Kush is a cross between OG Kush and Kosher Kush. Kosher Kush is also supposed to be an OG Kush descendent.

Starwalker Strain is Skywalker Kush aka Skywalker OG Kush, an OG Kush x Skywalker cross. Very similar but not quite the same. Skywalker’s parents are Blueberry and Mazar I Sharif.

I’ve had kosher kush and skywalker on their own before. Kosher is a little more spicy and skywalker has more of a slightly sweet skunkiness going on. I found skywalker to be more sedating than kosher.

 Starwalker kush Reddit Reviews 2022

Scotty posted

Another nice oz option from good Supply. Not unexpected, but as most GS products this is pretty dry, but the stickiness helps a little. Smoke is pretty heavy and resiny and not the smoothest, but manageable. Pack is mostly larger-medium sized nugs, muted smell and taste. Potency is the best part here, nice indica stone

More pics:

Jimmy posted

This is 100% the same as Raider Kush. Most likely an older batch because it is identical like a twin. Same smell, taste, high, look and moisture.

This is an absolute steal at the price I just paid 15g @ 79.99 and to all of the people wondering.. Yes this is Raider Kush no doubt at all. Made an account just to say this because I saw people wondering on the last post.

Edit: Good Supply and Riff are brother companies if I am correct.

Donny posted

I wasnt gonna post but this looked better than I remember. Also had a very strong smell. I bought it just to press. 3.5g in .72g out. 20.5% return so not bad at all. Cost $18  Cant complain at that price but overall I’m pretty happy with what I got.

Rottenbuds posted

It’s probably an easy grow. They have good supply growers choice indica which is on rotation. Most notable frost monster and alien dawg. Both better than Skywalker imo but its nice to have decent $19options for hqs. Back in the day if we only spent $18 for 3.5g it was a rough smoke lol

Vernwindsor 343 posted

Growers Choice started out as a cross-deal with Sundial where they were using three of their strains originally. Agent Orange, Rascal OG and Shiskaberry iirc.

Now it is used as an “Excess Biomass” company for Aphria/ tilray.

If you luck out you’ll get some Broken Coast/RIFF genetics, but sometimes you just end up getting real leftovers from Good Supply

I got starwalker at grassroots for 18 bucks which is cheap.

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