Phyre and Blue Gorilla OG Shatter by Phyto Extractions -1g

Shatter is a Masterpiece of Cannabis Extraction

Phyre Shatter by Phyto Extractions is a true masterpiece. We source the finest materials from the wholesale market, showcasing our expertise in selection and extraction. This is where terpenes and high THC shatter come together to create a unique product.

 The World of Shatter

Shatter is a term known well to cannabis enthusiasts, and Phyre  takes this experience to new heights.



THC Concentration: 72.5 – 82.5%

One of the defining features of Phyre  is its impressive THC concentration, ranging from 72.5% to 82.5%. This places it among the top-tier cannabis products for those seeking a potent experience.

Format: 1g Shatter Full Spectrum

Phyre comes in a convenient 1-gram format, providing enthusiasts with a full-spectrum experience. This format offers versatility and ease of use for consumers.

Lineage: Rotating

Phyre lineage is a dynamic one, with a rotating selection of input materials. This ensures a diverse and ever-evolving terpene profile and flavor palette for those who appreciate variety.

 Features: High THC / Full Spectrum / Economical

Phyre boasts high THC levels, a full-spectrum profile, and budget-friendly benefits for an enhanced cannabis journey.

Blue Gorilla OG Shatter by Phyto Extractions

In the cannabis extract realm, Blue Gorilla OG by Phyto Extractions is exceptional. Using a 100% cannabis base through a BHO (Butane Hash Oil) extraction process.

Growing Method: Indoor

The making of Blue Gorilla OG  is through an indoor growing method. This controlled environment ensures the utmost quality in the input material.

Is shatter okay to smoke?

Yes is designed to be smoked or vaporized. However, it’s important to use it responsibly and in moderation, especially due to its high THC content. If you’re new to using concentrates, it’s advisable to start with a small amount and gradually increase your dosage as you become more familiar with its effects. Using a dab rig or a vaporizer specifically designed for concentrates is the most common way to consume shatter.

 Does shatter get you the highest?

Shatter is one of the most potent forms of cannabis due to its high concentration of THC, often ranging from 60% to 90% or more. The high THC content in shatter can lead to intense and immediate psychoactive effects, making it a product that can get you very high when consumed. However, the “highest” one can achieve is subjective and can vary from person to person based on factors like tolerance, individual reaction to THC, and dosage.

Is shatter the same as dabs?

Shatter and dabs are related but not the same. Shatter refers to the specific form of cannabis concentrate, which is translucent and brittle, like glass. Dabs, on the other hand, is a more general term for concentrated cannabis that can come in various forms, including shatter. Dabs are consumed by “dabbing,” which involves applying a small amount of a cannabis concentrate to a heated surface and inhaling the vapor. So, shatter is a type of dab, but not all dabs are in the form of shatter. Other common forms of dabs include wax, budder, and oil.

Ontario’s Best

Blue Gorilla OG  proudly originates from Ontario, Canada. The region’s rich cannabis culture and the dedication of local growers contribute to the exceptional quality.

Pure and Simple Ingredients

When you choose Blue Gorilla OG, you’re selecting a product with a simple and transparent ingredient list—cannabis extract. This commitment to purity ensures that you’re experiencing the unadulterated essence of cannabis.

 Elevate Your Cannabis Experience

Phyre and Blue Gorilla OG  by Phyto Extractions are more than just cannabis extracts; they are a testament to craftsmanship, dedication, and a commitment to delivering the best to cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you seek the nuanced terpene profiles of Phyre  or the purity of Blue Gorilla OG , these premium  promise an elevated cannabis experience.

Choose excellence, choose quality, and choose Phyre  and Blue Gorilla OG to elevate your cannabis journey.

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