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THC Bomb by Liiv – Hybrid 3.5g Something is About Larry?


THC Bomb by Liiv – Hybrid 3.5g

THC Bomb by liiv is Brimming with earthy, woodsy and citrusy aromas, THC Bomb is a potent and flavourful THC-dominant, 50/50 hybrid.


You’d think the skunky puff would be named for its powerful nature, but it’s actually the dense, bomb-shaped buds with their bright orange pistils that are the reason for its impactful name is also now adding humidity packs!

Something About Larry

This hybrid Kush strain, a cross of SFV Kush x Lemon Larry Hybrid, is designed for OG, Chem, and Sour enthusiasts looking for a high-THC punch. This sativa-leaning hybrid with sour lemon-pledge gasoline funk and piney and Kush back notes has rock solid spherical buds with a white frost and light green look.

Grassroots Cannabis Store

 THC Bomb is available in 3.5g of dried flower at Grass Roots Windsor, located at 398 University Ave West, for only $23.89 plus tax. This batch came in over 20% THC.  Check it out at Online | (