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THC Oil 30:0 or 15:15 – Grassroots Oil Hack

THC OIL 30mg/pml

Say hello to THC oil 30:0. With 30mg/ per mL, this ingestible oil is made with distillate and MCT oil. Flavorless, the oil can be placed directly under the tongue or added to prepared foods. Read more Good Supply Cannabis


It’s the best of both worlds. 15mg of THC and 15mg of CBD Called a Balance Oil 1:1 , offers you the benefits of both cannabinoids, THC blended with equal parts of the sought-after qualities of CBD.  Pure Sunfarms Balance is always in stock.

THC oil

How to Use a THC OIL

Typically, you’ll ingest it by putting the oil under your tongue, holding it there for a moment, and then swallowing. You can increase or decrease your dose as needed. You can also add Balance Oil 15 to most cooking oils but be mindful of your cooking temperature, as higher temperatures can “cook out” its potency. When it comes to beverages, ingestible oils are not water soluble, so it is probably easiest to use in a blended beverage, such as a smoothie.


Hit up GR and grab a 30:0 Good Supply THC oil and a Box of TIMBITS from your local Tim Hortons. Inject each Timbit with 1ml, Enjoy!

Available at Grass Roots Cannabis Windsor at 398 University Ave West. Conveniently located next to the LCBO downtown. Available in dried flower, 7-pack pre-roll or single 1g pre roll.

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